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Alternator Repair

Free Alternator Inspection

If your vehicle has trouble starting, this could very well be the sign of a faulty alternator. Perhaps a new alternator is required or a simple repair can address the issue. Regardless of the diagnosis, our garage is fully capable of addressing any type of alternator repair. You can therefore remain confident that the battery will remain charged and that the vehicle will start when required.

Please book an appointment with a car repair technician at your convenience.

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    • Your car finds it difcult to start.
    • Growling, whirring, whining or squealing sounds from the car’s engine area.
    • The interior and exterior lights seem too dim, blink, gradually fade, suddenly get brighter or don’t come on at all.
    • The red light on your car’s dash with the image of a battery (or the words ALT or GEN) are showing.
    • Your speedometer doesnt work.
    • You can smell rubber burning.

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