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Wheel Balancing

Per Tyre or 4 Tyres

Wheel balancing is important from a safety perspective and it will also help to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Regular maintenance can likewise increase the lifespan of your tyres; saving time and money in the long run. If you have noticed issues with traction or should you begin to feel a “wobble” while driving, please take your vehicle to our local car garage for a full analysis. This car service solution should never be delayed.

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Per Tyre


For Four Tyres

Wheel Balancing


Balancing the wheel correctly enables the wheel to distribute weight evenly around the axle.

This can impove the handling of the vehicle as well increased fuel efficiency.

If you notice uneven wear on the tyres or vibrations when you’re driving over 40 -50 mph. Alternatively visit us and we will be happy to check.

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